Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Gesture drawings

These are some gesture drawings that I did in a class with at the University I attended, some years ago.

Some are longer, but most are 5 seconds - 10 seconds- 20 seconds . on large newsprint.

I found these exercises extremely useful in learning to draw, and even know accessing that state of seeing when I am creating and drawing.

One thing that my professor said while teaching us, during this extensive 6 hour long classes, was to draw these gesture drawings as if the person or object were falling out of the top of a building, and you had mere seconds to capture its essence as it fell towards earth.. It made for a very focused and very hectic, but also great drawing sessions with him. We would use whole pads of large newsprint in one day, our arms so exhausted, I found myself using both hands to draw the figure as fast as possible in the 10-20 seconds allowed. So much fun :D


K. Rice said...

You have a great eye for form.... I'm jealous of your skill. I'm trying to become better with realism, but it's a tough process.

Mikey said...

I checked out your site, and your pictures evoke a lot of emotion and memories for me. I really like your style, you can almost see the body moving in your pictures.

Sarah Hessinger said...

Thank you for your kind comments, This post is part of a conversation from my deviant art account, where we are discussing the importance of gesture drawings in learning how to see how a figure moves, and how all parts are inter-related.
I was told by a professor of mine that when you did 5-10 sec gestures, you need to be able to capture the emotion, and the movement of that body in a matter of seconds like you would if you were to draw a person jumping from a 5 story building. Morbid slightly, but it really is about capturing that intensity of each pose in a matter of a blink of an eye. Anyways thanks for looking, and here is the link to the conversation. Its worth looking in to :) My user name on there is "leonaoona"