Friday, September 12, 2008

Moving forward

"Still"- oil on canvas
I am in the midst of a most amazing time in my life. For the past some 12-15 years, I have been longing for a certain kind of environment, in fact my whole self has yearned for it almost on a daily basis. Most recently, and quite unexpectantly I have had my dream set before me. My family has been given the opportunity to go live on a 100 acre horse farm, surrounded by on three sides, National forest, and managing a bed and breakfast in an old 1800s Victorian farm house. I will be surrounded by acres of land, open and wild. This is something that the art side of me longs for so strongly, that it in someways precedes my love and need of creating art. To live in this environment so fully would feed something in me that has been hungry for so long.

It is an amazing journey, in this endeavor we are all learning to have faith and to trust that it will all fall in to place the way it is supposed to. There have been so many small miracles and open doors for going there, despite the economic hardships that logically we will be faced with. The idea of those hardships, and the illogicalness of it to alot of people, are not enough against this all powerful pull that I feel towards this place. It feels right, to the core of my soul.

What a beautiful scary time to be living though, to know this is where I am supposed to be for now, and not have all of the answers figured out, and to just close my eyes and fall back in to it, knowing that there will be arms to catch me. It is an intense practice in the art of faith and being open to the abundance of life.
I am excitedly looking forward to the change in seasons, the new sites, and smells of a different earth. I will be moving from the open skies and subtle yet rich colors of the desert, to the almost claustrophobic rich and vivid landscapes of the forests.
I am excited to see where this takes my art and in what direction.
I am enjoying this small winding path I have found...

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