Tuesday, February 12, 2008

two halves

"Duality"- oil on canvas

I saw this lecture online the other day, where this man had this breakthru within himself. He came to be able to access both sides of his deeper self, at the same time. It was a very intense video, where you could see the most intimate and vulnerable moments to this man, as he sat in front of a crowd. He had some feelings of not being worthy, and hence didn't succeed in life. It was the most interesting transformation of a human to watch as he slowly began to accept and forgive himself for being human...with all of his mistakes, and stumbles on his path.

I'm thinking of the subconscious and the conscious selves. When they are not working as a whole, there is strife, discontent, and confusion. My work has always been about a question for me. It can be a question with a known answer, or not, but it requires the creation of a painting, to give it shaky wobbly legs, then I lean back and watch as it makes its unsteady way in to reality, stumbling past others, creating a multitude of different reactions. Hopefully if it is a True depiction, it will be strong enough to stir emotions, be it positive or negative, is irrelative on some levels to me, for growth thru peace, and growth thru chaos, is still growth, just different plants as the end result.

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